Learning how to use the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards

Earlier this month, a group of prevention specialists, including staff from Mentor International and Mentor UK, attended the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) pilot training held in London by the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University. The training drew in a diverse audience ranging from practitioners to policy makers and researchers. During the session, participants refreshed their understanding of the quality standards and learnt how to use them in the planning and creation of new prevention initiatives as well as the assessment and improvement of existing ones. The training is part of a pilot scheme to test and adapt training sessions to meet the needs of attendees.

The European Drug Prevention Quality Standards provide the first European framework for high quality drug prevention. Organised in an eight-stage project cycle, the standards outline the necessary steps in planning, implementing and evaluating drug prevention activities.Their development involved a review of best practice and a consultation process with over 400 professionals around Europe. The standards cover all aspects of drug prevention work, including needs and resource assessment, programme planning, intervention design, resource management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, dissemination, sustainability, stakeholder involvement, staff development and ethics.

The complete manual as well as a condensed quick guide are available online. Stay tuned as a range of materials targeted at different audiences and for different purposes in several languages will be added later this year (i.e. two pager, training pack, toolkit for practitioners and policy makers, adaptation and dissemination of guidelines).