Talk about Alcohol - interactive learning zone

Interactive Learning Zone is an interactive online learning zone developed by the UK based Alcohol Education Trust to make information in PSHE around alcohol relevant, interesting and reactive to Key stage 3. It is usable on tablets and mainframe computers. The online learning zone can be used with complementary lesson plans from within the PSHE and Science curriculums.

The site includes 4 different zones:
• The Challenge Zone: Allows pupils to extend their knowledge and understanding of alcohol through games such as the Alcohol Clock game and the quizzes such as Test Your Knowledge
• Who Do You Think You Are? : Encourages pupils to think more about their own personalities and how they interact with friends.
• The Fact Zone: Includes information about units and guidelines and alcohol and the law. This zone also includes film clips and stories.
• The Body Zone: Contains information about the effects of alcohol on the body.

In addition to this online resource, the Alcohol Education Trust has recently also produced a full pack of resources, including resources suitable for pupils with SEND, that can be ordered with a cost (£90) and includes:
• AET Teacher Workbook
• AET SEND Workbook
• DVD of ‘Just a Few Drinks’
• Full access to the SEND area of website with lesson plans, PowerPoints etc.
• Laminated resources for use with the SEND workbook

The Talk about Alcohol teacher pack is a comprehensive alcohol education resource for teachers and staff working with young people aged 11-18 as part of the PSHE and Science curriculum.

To learn more go to (link is external) or order resoures via (link sends e-mail) .