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Mentor UK

Mentor is a UK charity which believes that prevention is better than cure and focuses its efforts on promoting the health and wellbeing of children and young people to reduce the damage that drugs can do to lives. Mentor UK thinks that a lot has been learnt about good prevention over recent years. In fact, the organisation sees that reflected back in the local partnerships, but there is still a long way to go to make a significant difference to those young people at risk of drug and alcohol misuse.

Mentor USA

The Mentor Foundation USA opened its Washington, D.C. office in 2010, with a mission to prevent drug abuse and promote health and well-being among children and youth in the United States.

Mentor Sweden

Mentor Sweden is a non-governmental organisation established in 1994 working with a sole focus on health promotion and prevention of drug abuse among children and young people in Sweden. In partnership with Swedish corporations and adult volunteers from the public, Mentor Sweden manages three key programmes: Mentoring, Parenting and Inspirational activities. The activities aim to prevent abuse by building relationships between young people and adults and increasing motivation at school.

Mentor Lithuania

Mentor Lithuania's activities are aimed at children and young people and their caregivers, and institutions (including parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, youth workers, social workers, health professionals). Mentor Lithuania’s goal is to become the authority on undertaking prevention programmes and enhancing the knowledge and understanding of prevention.

Mentor Germany

Mentor Germany initiates and promotes the development, implementation and dissemination of prevention projects for children (6-14 years) and adolescents and young adults (15-25). It aims to meet children and young people as equals and enable them to develop in a healthy way. Mentor Germany sees itself as a mediator and mouthpiece for the interests of children and young people and represents their views to society and politicians.

Mentor Colombia

Mentor Colombia is a non-profit organisation that is committed to designing, developing, implementing and evaluating services and projects for promoting health and preventing drug consumption amongst young people. Mentor Colombia also develops activities for social promotion, advisory and consultancy services on drug demand reduction and related issues.

Mentor Latvia

Mentor Latvia is a not-for-profit organisation which has been operating since 2010. Its main purpose is to provide emotional support and promote the well-being of young people (aged 15-25) through engaging them in various activities and thus empowering them to make healthy life decisions.

Crystal Clear Drug Prevention Society

The Crystal Clear Drug Prevention Society aims to reduce the spread of crystal meth use in all communities through education and outreach support efforts. The organisation's mission is focused on education about the dangers and devastating effects of drugs, as it is the best tool to prevent youth from the horror that is addiction to drugs, and to help families protect their children.

FLEP Club. Friends in Life Education Peer Club

Friends in Life Education Peer Club (FLEP Club) has interest in the overall development of children, the youth and women and in protecting their rights to health, education and social participation. The organisation's mission is to mobilise communities and other resources that enable young people identify their inherent abilities, build values, set goals and actualise accomplishments that lead to HIV/AIDS prevention, drug demand and crime reduction, safe motherhood and poverty reduction for overall community development.

UNICEF Afghanistan National Office

UNICEF aims to develop comprehensive outreach efforts to engage communities, NGO partners and local and national government counterparts to advocate for child protection in Afghanistan. All UNICEF work related to education in Afghanistan is based on a commitment to ensure the most disadvantaged children have access to schools, with a particular emphasis on girls’ enrolment. UNICEF endeavours to strengthen the formal education sector and provide alternative routes to learning that address the realities of the lives of women and children in Afghanistan.

UNICEF Cambodia National Office

UNICEF's aims and objectives in Cambodia are primarily focused on:

  • Organising vaccination campaigns with the aim to reduce incidence of tetanus and measles;
  • Supporting HIV counselling, testing, and education programmes focusing on prevention; and
  • Improving learning outcomes through UNICEF’s Child-Friendly Schools initiative.

UNICEF Gambia National Office

The country programme focuses on three key areas: Child Survival and Development, Basic Education, and Child Protection and Social Policy Advocacy, and is implemented primarily in the Upper River Region and selected communities in Kanifing Municipality as both these areas have very poor indicators for children and women - including poverty, access to safe water and sanitation, birth registration, child protection and school attendance - compared to national averages.

UNICEF Somalia National Office

UNICEF's programmes in Somalia aim to improve the quality of life of every child in the country. They cover health and nutrition, water supply, sanitation, hygiene and basic education. In addition, the communication, protection and participation programme has activities that cut across all programme areas including child protection, HIV/AIDS and youth development.

Project GHB

Project GHB aims to be a force of prevention and a source of vital communication about GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate), ecstasy and ketamine. It is a memorial to lives lost and a voice for their loved ones and friends, it is a forum for other victims and their families of rape, overdose and addiction to share their stories and forewarn others.

PASAGE Saint John

PASAGE is a community-based, charitable organisation working in the field of youth substance abuse prevention. PASAGE is dedicated to helping youth, concerned parents, family members and/or friends to lead drug-free lives. Numerous publications regarding drug, alcohol and gambling addiction are available free of charge on the organisation's website.

Aksion Plus

Aksion Plus is the first youth non-governmental organisation in Albania working actively in AIDS and drug abuse prevention mainly through education, information, training and disseminating various prevention publications.