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Government of Western Australia. Department of Public Health

The Public Health Division goal is to protect the health of the Western Australian community by promoting health, preventing disease and managing risks. The Public Health Division addresses a range of topic areas some of which include: healthy lifestyles (smoking, nutrition, physical activity, weight, harmful drinking), healthy planning (aboriginal health, health risk assessment) and development and medicines and poisons.

AIHW. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) was established as a statutory authority in 1987 by the Australian Institute of Health Act 1987 to report to the nation on the state of its health. In 1992, the role and functions of the then Australian Institute of Health were expanded to include welfare related information and statistics, making it the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

National Drugs Campaign of the Australian Government (NDC)

The Australian Government’s National Drugs Campaign (NDC) is part of the National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 and specifically aims to reduce young Australians’ motivation to use illicit drugs by increasing their knowledge about the potential negative consequences of drug use. The Campaign website is broken down into several sections some of which include: information for parents, information for youth, campaigns resources and drugs.

Don't Let Drugs Use You

Don't Let Drugs Use You is a campaign of the State of New South Wales. The campaign website contains information, data, documents, pages and images on the harmful effects of drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, hallucinogens, methamphetamine and GHB. The site content was prepared by the New South Wales Department of Health.

IVZ. Institut za Varovanje Zdravja Republike Slovenije (Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia)

Services delivered by the national Institute of Public Health, established by the government in 1992, and by nine regional Institutes of Public Health represent the mainstay of preventive health care in Slovenia. The Institute's major fields of activity include: social medicine, hygiene, environmental health, epidemiology of infectious diseases, public health laboratory services , health information systems, mental health and health promotion.

Midwest Community Drug Service

Midwest Community Drug Service Team aims to reduce alcohol and other drug related harm for the people of the Midwest by working with individuals, families and the community to reduce the impact of drug use. Services offered include:

  • One on one and group counselling for alcohol and other drugs
  • Advise and support to individuals and their significant others regarding alcohol and other drug misuse
  • Alcohol and other drug education and awareness programmes in; prison, the community, business, government and non-government agencies

National Institute for Health Development

The National Institute for Health Development is a government established research and development body collecting, connecting and providing reliable national information from a multitude of sources, related to the health of the Estonian population.
We engage in public health related research and health promotion as well as development and implementation of disease prevention programmes and activities.