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Livslust runs a vocational school in Latvia for boys and girls who are at the risk of ending up as social outcasts. Their goal is to give the students an opportunity to become integrated into the society.

Purdue Pharma L.P.

Purdue Pharma L.P. is a privately held pharmaceutical company founded more than 60 years ago by physicians who are committed to improving patients’ lives in meaningful ways by providing safe and effective therapies along with educational tools that support their proper use. One of the objectives of Purdue Pharma L.P. is to combat the abuse of prescription medicine. The company does this through the project and 'Safeguard My Meds' programme.

William T. Grant Foundation

Founded in 1936, the William T. Grant Foundation is a private grant-making institution dedicated to the original goal of its founder, William T. Grant: understanding human behaviour through research. The Foundation provides funding to researchers, policy makers and practitioners, with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of American youth ages 8-25. Some of the Foundation's research interests are understanding and improving social settings such as families, schools, peer groups, and organisations, and studying how these social settings affect youth.

Africa Teacher Foundation

The Africa Teacher Foundation is a private non-profit corporation dedicated to the education of children with a primary focus on the children of Africa. Its mission is to provide children and families with the opportunities of education, media technology, and human services. Africa Teach empowers the children of Africa through unconditional love, support, education, and inspiration to break the cycle of poverty that shackles them to a life with limited opportunities.

OSAP. Office of Substance Abuse Prevention

The Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) operates under the direction the Health Systems Bureau in the Public Health Division of the New Mexico Department of Health. The Office aims to establish an integrated and comprehensive substance abuse prevention services delivery system through the promotion of sound policy, effective practice and cooperative partnerships to ensure the availability of quality prevention. It is also committed to the implementation of evidence-based prevention programmes and infrastructure development activities.

Words Can Work

Words Can Work multimedia aims to address the public health challenges young people face growing up. The organisation produces and distributes prevention tools that assist parents, faculty, and other school personnel in talking with young people about important health issues like alcohol and other drug use. A series of 10 Words Can Work DVDs with discussion guides, and on-line programmes for pre-teens/teens and parents is available to buy on the organisation's website.

Project Resilience

Project Resilience is a private organisation based in Washington, DC that offers teaching materials and products, provides training and disseminate information for professionals working in education, treatment, and prevention. The organisation aims to promote a strengths-based approach to both youth and adults struggling to overcome hardship, for instance family disruption, poverty, violence, substance abuse, and racism.

PFCS. Personal & Family Counseling Services

Personal and Family Counseling Services of Tuscarawas Valley, Inc. is a private, non-profit family service agency that assists individual and families by providing many social services, such as counseling, support, advocacy and education, focusing on prevention as well as treatment. Takin' It To The Schools, one of the programmes offered by PFCS, is designed to teach school-age children the skills necessary to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse. By learning these skills, the child will be equipped with tools to resist peer pressure and utilize healthier ways to cope with problems.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health, Inc. is a health care services company that aims to improve the cost-effectiveness of health care by helping pharmacies, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centres and physician offices focus on patient care while reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and improving quality. Cardinal Health teamed up with the Ohio State University to create 'Generation Rx University' - an on-line toolkit designed to reduce prescription drug abuse amongst college students in the US.

SAAP. Sociedade Anti-Alcoólica Portuguesa (Anti-Alcoholic Portuguese Society)

SAAP is a private, non-governmental institution dedicated to the prevention of alcohol related problems and to providing support to alcoholics in recovering stages. SAAP is one of the oldest Portuguese organisations (created in 1967) and is also a founder/member of Eurocare, a European organisation of defence and prevention of alcohol related problems.

Corporación Esperanza

Hope Corporation is a private, not-for-profit organisation that was created in 1995. Its mission is to help people already affected by drug addiction and also to prevent alcohol and drug use and abuse in workplaces, schools and the society in general.

EDISA Place of Hope

EDISA Place of Hope is a drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation centre established in 2012. It's mission is to provide teenagers, youth and adults with life skills training and career guidance to protect them from the challenges of substance abuse. This is done mainly though holistic care, family therapy and counselling. The centre is also committed to substance abuse prevention through raising awareness of the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Dr Chabot Consulting

Dr Chabot Consulting is an initiative of the FreeStyle Foundation that aims to make a lasting impact by promoting the healthy aspects of living life substance free. Paul Chabot is a professional speaker/consultant travelling around the US and working with groups, schools, universities and companies on leadership, substance abuse and healthy living.


Since its foundation in 1989, Fundasalva, a not-for-profit organisation in El Salvador, has been working in the fields of substance abuse prevention and treatment. The organisation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals, families and the whole society in El Salvador.


Matthew Scott established TONIC after leading substance misuse policy for Government at the Department for Education - writing sections of the 10 year drug strategy, and heading up development of Youth Alcohol Action Plan, Youth Alcohol Guidance with the Chief Medical Officer. He developed the Drug Use Screening Tool (DUST) and training used across the UK to enable universal agencies to identify young people in need of support with substance misuse issues.