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Alcohol and Drug Counselling Services in Cowichan Valley

Alcohol and Drug Counselling Services in Cowichan Valley provides outpatient alcohol and drug services for people whose lives have been negatively affected by substance use. The program provides a place for active learning and changing. Alcohol and Drug Counselling Services aims to help people change by building on the strengths they already have and finding new ways to improve their health and well-being.

VAD. Vereniging voor Alcohol - en andere Drugproblemen

VAD is a non-profit association for alcohol and other drug problems that coordinates most of the Flemish organisations that deal with the issues of alcohol, illegal drugs, psychoactive medication, and gambling. VAD wants to educate the public from a health and welfare perspectives and improve the expertise of intermediaries about the handling of alcohol and other drugs. The cornerstones of the VAD activities are: publishing of information via channels such as Drugline, studies and research, prevention, assistance, and the creation and preparation of policy.

EIC. Entertainment Industries Council

EIC is committed to enlightening audiences of film and television with information about health and social issues. EIC strives to encourage the creators of entertainment media to depict drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction accurately, and to provide fact sheets and specially tailored depiction suggestions to further the incorporation of this important information into the creative development of original entertainment.

Narconon Florida

Narconon Florida is committed to providing drug education in order to help people affected by substance abuse and people at-risk develop new skills and abilities to stay away from and cope with addiction.


Nu-Hi is a social enterprise training company providing in depth knowledge and understanding of substance misuse. The organisation aims to reduce the harm that drug and alcohol causes to individuals, families and communities through its interactive training sessions.

VNNG. Volunteer Nepal National Group (VolNepal)

VolNepal is a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping create and promote a healthy community in Nepal. VolNepal aims to organise grassroot, non-profit and non-governmental organisations from a range of sectors and coordinate these organisations' efforts to eliminate poverty causes and symptoms in different communities through the implementation of ideas, funds and volunteers.

NDPA. National Drug Prevention Alliance

NDPA, National Drug Prevention Alliance, is a network of concerned citizens and prevention professionals who believe that drug-free healthy lifestyles will protect and enhance society and its stability for present and future generations. The organisation aims to promote effective policies, using all means available to its members, including prevention, education, intervention, treatment and legal processes.

ADIC. Alcohol and Drug Information Centre

ADIC has worked in the field of drug demand reduction over the past 15 years. ADIC's mission is to prevent drug use through social changes and effective education. The organisation's website has a 'Library and Info' section that is a designated information resource provider in alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for academics and the general public. It also facilitates activities for other internal programmes of the organisation and coordinates activities with other public and school libraries on information for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

CESAR. The Center for Substance Abuse Research at the University of Maryland at College Park

CESAR, the Center for Substance Abuse Research at the University of Maryland at College Park, aims to inform policymakers, practitioners, and the general public about substance abuse — its nature and extent, its prevention and treatment, and its relation to other problems. The Center's website is dedicated to addressing the problems substance abuse creates for individuals, families and communities.

DPNA. Drug Prevention Network of the Americas

DPNA (in Spanish: RIPRED - Red Interamericana Para La Prevencion del Uso de Drogas) is a network of concerned citizens, organisations and professionals engaged in prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. The organisation's principles are as follows:

  • To promote healthy lifestyles free of drugs;
  • To advocate no use of illegal drugs and no abuse of legal drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and solvents;
  • To oppose legalization of drugs; and
  • To support the United Nations Conventions and Treaties concerning drugs and psychotropic substances.

Dougie The Drug Dog

Dougie (Doug-e) The Drug Dog is an innovative programme that was created by the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI). The purpose of the programme is to provide families, schools, and communities with a multi-pronged approach to educating and reducing prescription drug abuse. Dougie provides parents, educators, and others the ability to provide quality, positive, and age appropriate information for kids 2-10 years of age.


SafetyLit includes summaries of "scholarly" reports and journal articles about injury occurrence and risk factors. It also includes articles regarding substance misuse.


KISRA is a faith-motivated, non-profit organisation that is dedicated to empowering West Virginians through education, employment, economic empowerment and behavioural health services.

  • Education programmes offer children appropriate early childhood development, safe after-school havens and prepare them for academic success. Also includes programs that help teens make good life decisions and successfully pursue higher education;

Drink Wise

The mission of Drink Wise is to help minimise the harm caused by alcohol. Working for the NHS and Local Authorities in the North West, the organisation aims to raise awareness of alcohol harm and ways to reduce the negative impacts of alcohol. It also helps the NHS and Local Authorities to provide alcohol related support and services.

SAIF. Self-Regulating Alcohol Industry Forum

The Self-Regulating Alcohol Industry Forum (SAIF) is a voluntary membership organisation established countrywide for the prevention of the negative consequences of alcohol abuse. The SAIF mission is to reduce alcohol-related harm through combating the misuse and abuse of alcohol beverages and promoting only their responsible use. The primary targets for its interventions are young people and adults who are vulnerable and most at risk of suffering the negative consequences of alcohol abuse and misuse.

DPNA/RIPRED. Drug Prevention Network of the Americas/ Red Interamericana para la Prevención de las Drogas

DPNA/RIPRED is a network of concerned citizens, organisations and professionals engaged in prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. DPNA aims to promote effective drug programmes, policies, and practices to reduce the demand for drugs; community coalition building; and the exchange of scientific information via conferences, training seminars and internet communications.

YACWA. Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia

The Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA) is a non-government youth organisation in Western Australia that seeks to address the exclusion of young people in a rapidly changing society. YACWA is dedicated to providing voice and acting as a role model for the definition and demonstration of youth participation. YACWA’s Youth Educating Peers (YEP) Project aims to increase the WA youth sector’s capacity to support and educate young people on sexual health, relationships and blood-borne virus issues.