What's Happening Near You: Kyrgyzstan

Y-PEER. Youth Peer Education Network

Y-PEER is a network of more than 500 non-profit organizations and governmental institutions; its membership includes thousands of young people. The aim of Y-PEER is to expand the rights and opportunities of young people, make it easy for them to exchange information and experiences and to develop skills in order to change risk related behaviour. The network seeks to provide opportunities for dialogue and exchanges of opinions between young people taking part in the peer-to-peer programme and to improve the quality of education and knowledge on SRH (sexual and reproductive health) issues.

UNICEF Kyrgyzstan National Office

UNICEF Kyrgyzstan National Office works in the following areas: Health, Nutrition, Early Childhood Development and Child Protection. The Country Program Action Plan signed at the beginning of 2012 indicates the country's goals for the years 2012-2016. In the next five years UNICEF will strive to support the government and civil society's efforts to increase equity and the social inclusion of children who need protection, who live in poverty and who are at risk of ethnic violence, so that they can exercise their rights.

Joy Master

Joy Master is an organisation that is committed to educating street and school children about the harmful effects of abusing substances and alternatives to using drugs.

Harm Reduction Association Network

The Harm Reduction Association Network, or Partnership Network as it is known in Kyrgyzstan, is a national NGO that advocates for the institutionalisation of equal rights. Partnership Network has influence on national policy with prevention programmes focusing on HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis C and advocacy programmes for the most marginalized and vulnerable populations including sex workers and injecting drug users (IDUs). Partnership Network consults with 26 different member organisations operating throughout Kyrgyzstan.

Public Foundation "Asteria"

Public Foundation "Asteria" was founded in August 2006 and the foundation works on the principle of "peer to peer." PF "Asteria" is aimed at helping women, particularly those who are drug users, sex workers, former prisoners, women living with HIV and their children and loved ones. PF "Asteria" is the only organization of its kind in Central Asia.