New Prevention Resources for Parents

Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) has recently produced a colourful Fact Sheet in response to the five youth deaths at Canadian music festivals last year. PAD encourages parents to talk with their youth about safer partying and includes the following advice:

  • AVOID using any drugs when attending summer music festivals.
  • IF using drugs, go slowly. Overdoses are often a result of using too much.
  • IF using drugs, avoid mixing with alcohol and other drugs. Chemical reactions are unpredictable.
  • Drink 500mL of water each hour to prevent dehydration.
  • Take breaks from dancing every so often and cool off.

PAD develops and provides innovative, evidence-based programs, services and resources for youth, families, professionals and community members concerning issues that impact substance use and youth. PAD is an Ontario-wide organization whose programs and resources are used in communities across Canada. Peer Education Programs, Youth Engagement Programs and Resiliency-Building Programs are available for use by those who work with youth in different capacities. Parent resources include: Building Resilience in Youth, Parent Action Pack and An Early Start for parents of children up to age seven.

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By Zach Patterson - Prevention Hub Canada