Survey of UK parents suggests parents more concerned about risks from drugs than from alcohol. Government announces new campaign.

UK Children's Secretary Ed Balls highlighted the forthcoming online campaign on alcohol issues and drew attention to a survey of parents in December 2009 by 'Mumsnet' highlighting a low awareness of evidence showing that alcohol is often the link between young people and other risky behaviours.

Out of the 800 parents of children aged 9-16, the majority (97 per cent) feel comfortable discussing alcohol consumption with their children and more than 90 per cent recognise that alcohol is harmful to children and young people. But worryingly one in three parents do not discuss the role alcohol plays in other issues such as sex, drugs or personal safety.

Other findings from the Mumsnet survey of over 800 parents of children aged 9 to16 show:
• Only weight problems and smoking rank lower in parents concerns than alcohol
• 63 per cent of parents were not at all concerned that their child would drink alcohol
• Only a quarter (27 per cent) speak to their children regularly about the risks associated with drinking alcohol and 30 per cent have not discussed the risks at all.

The new public information campaign commences in January 2010 with the help of several top comedians. It utilises You Tube, Facebook and twitter.

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