Teens Six Times More Likely to Get Injured from the Consumption of Flavoured Alcoholic Drinks

Flavoured alcohol such as alcopops and jelly shots have become very popular among young adults. There are three types of alcopops on the market: malt-based flavoured beverages (i.e. 'Mike’s Hard Lemonade'), spirits-based premixed cocktails (i.e. Jack Daniel’s cocktails) and supersized alcopops (i.e. 'Four Loko' or 'Joose'). Supersized alcoholic beverages can contain the equivalent of four to five alcoholic drinks. A new study shows that teens that drink alcopops are six times more likely to have an alcoholic-related injury than those who do not consume these beverages. The study involved surveying over a thousand young people aged 13–20 who said that they had consumed at least one alcoholic drink in the month prior to the survey. Researchers also found that a combination of two or more of these flavoured drinks can be enough to cause injuries.