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On these 7 ways you get the iPhone 7 broken Bright Bright • September 19, 2020 22:10 @Bright 1 x On these 7 ways you get the iPhone 7 broken Image © Bright. Every year there is a new iPhone appears there are jokers who want to demolish it as soon as possible. Similarly, the iPhone 7. Before the iPhone 7 was placed in stores, the device is governed by Apple to various tests to make sure it is sturdy enough for everyday use. Although Apple with the iPhone 6 Plus a lot of complaints received because of the fragile build quality (the device was quite flexible) iPhone 7 would not just have to go wrong. Yet there are people who just love to destroy their new iPhone as soon as possible and as brutal as possible. On camera, of course, for such films are for people like to see. We have collected seven. The iPhone 7 can withstand water (a half-hour to one meter depth), but he can against fire? Two pretty hysterical YouTubers stabbing the brand new device on fire. To make sure that the iPhone 7 does not bend as fast as its predecessor, the Russian looks much power he has to turn to fold the phone in half. How much damage can you inflict with an ax a pickaxe? You can guess that the iPhone 7, which does not survive. In this video you can see how the phone is completely beaten to pieces. A press crush an upright iPhone 7 and there is little left of it. The creator must scrape off the remains at the end of the press, much damage has been done. YouTube channel TechRax edit a matte black iPhone 7 with a knife to see how scratch-resistant housing and the screen is. Then he goes with a hammer to get started, which of course do a lot damage. Still not had enough iPhone suffering? This man gets an iPhone 7 clamp in a vice and then goes through a grinder. This not only results in a broken phone, but also a smoking device. Drop tests have been enough, but YouTuber Callux let his iPhone 7 falling out of a helicopter. Well, boss above boss we speak.
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