Binod Aryal

Organisation Name: 
Ric-Rose Coperation Nepal
Job Title: 
meditation instructor/addiction counselor
Describe your prevention-related activities: 
Program delivery
Program development
Other Activities: 
Organic farming
Does your prevention work and efforts focus on a specific setting?: 
Youth Group
All Settings
I am a highly motivated community social worker with several years of experience providing individual, family, and group therapy for clients with a variety of difficulties. This includes people with behavioral difficulties, chemical dependency, emotional and social problems. In this work I have used Vipassana based meditation, breathing exercise, micro yoga etc. I have spent the past 17 years working in a number of ‘non-profit’ treatment centers and worked in both outpatient and residential centers. I am a sincere and trustworthy person who works with love and respect for others, bringing this commitment to the field of addiction treatment and counseling, my particular field of expertise.

Registry Questionnaire

What is your highest academic degree?: 
Diploma with many international/National training
In what area or discipline?: 
Addiction treatment/prevention and rehabilitation program
Professional Organisations: 
NGO RIC-Rose Cooperation Nepal
SPR Meetings: 
I run powerpoint presentation at school,government institution and community
EUSPR Meetings: 
Prevention Meetings: 

Collaboration History

I have had international collaboration in the past but not currently.

I have collaborated with: Herbal company for detox program and prison and against women trafficking from the Rose charities.

A partner from my country initiated the collaboration.