International Movement for Advancement of Education Culture Social & Economic Development (IMAECSED)

Target Population / Age: 
Vulnerable Section & Youth especially Drug addicted people in our society.

Our NGO promote diversity, tolerance in society while protecting, monitoring, evaluating and strengthening culture, science, Human Rights, Democracy and Democratic Rights, Environment, and Climate change, Sustainable Development, Disaster risk reduction and support all activities and concerns that make a vibrant civil society. Beside the above, since 1995 we entered in the market as a non-profit charity playing a proactive role for various development areas through quality education, health, HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, child Trafficking, Crime Prevention & Illicit Drug Control, Consumer Protection, etc. We encourage to campaign and motivate people to combat against corruption, Crime and Drug addiction, restore Peace and Democracy. We extend our activities in the field of Agriculture and Industrial Development as the said two sectors are the basic backbone of the Country's economic improvement.