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Welcome to the Prescription Drug Abuse discussion forum

Dear colleagues,

This discussion forum is meant to host discussion on prescription drug abuse related topics. Please feel free to post comments, questions, ideas, research and/or collaborative opportunities as they relate to prescription drug abuse prevention.

We hope that you find this space useful and productive.

Prevention Hub Canada Team

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Dear colleagues,

I am part of a project that aims at improving physicians' practices with respect to opioids prescription for chronic pain. I am currently listing training activities for physicians or nurses that would look at opioids or chronic pain management. Did you recently have such a training? Are you aware of some organizations that provide activities of this type? I am interested in everything so far, so please let me know if something comes to your mind when you read those words... Thank you for your help!

Eugene David

Hi every one I am the Executive Director of an organization in West Africa, Liberia, called Liberians Against Drug Abuse. we are engaged in to programs against the use and sell of illegal drugs in schools and communities in Liberia. we wish to work with any one who has the eduction in drug prevention and rehabilitation. please email us at notodrug.lib@gmail.com
please help save some one in Liberia....

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