What's Happening Near You: Tanzania

Blue Cross Society Tanzania

Blue Cross Society of Tanzania focuses its activities on the issue of alcohol and other substance abuse, seeking to improve the quality of life through love, faith and freedom to all people. The organisation promotes abstinence as a basic tool to avoid or overcome dependency on alcohol and other illicit substances.

IDYDC. Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care

The centre’s primary mission is to improve the living conditions of young people through the provision of education and health services. Using football as a tool through which to address key social issues, the centre will host activities including HIV/AIDS training, family planning sessions, alcohol and drugs prevention programmes, microfinance workshops and sports tournaments.

Drug Free Zanzibar

Drug Free Zanzibar is a non-profit organisation, registered in 2009 due to the rising number of drug addicts and the prevalent use of hard drugs in Zanzibar. Its mission is to reduce the use of hard drugs in Zanzibar as well as to educate the public about the negative effects they have on health and well-being.

Rafiki Family

Rafiki Family aims to reduce and prevent the spread of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS in the community through raising awareness of the dangers of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS, providing recovery support to drug addicts/users, promoting behaviour change among the youth, providing social and economic support to people affected with drug abuse and HIV/AIDS, and mobilising youth participation in social development activities.

UNESCO Dar es Salaam Regional Office

UNESCO Dar es Salaam Regional Office is a Cluster Office for Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and United Republic of Tanzania. Its mission, like all other UNESCO field offices and units, is to contribute to peace and security in the world. This is done by promoting intellectual cooperation among nations through education, science, culture, social and human sciences and communication.

Macca Mbalwa

Organisation Name: 
Grassroots initiative for Youth and Elderly Development Organiztion (GIYEDO)
Job Title: 
Executive Director
Describe your prevention-related activities: 
Other Activities: 
Counselling, Care and support affected by Drugs and alcohol abuse
Does your prevention work and efforts focus on a specific setting?: 
All Settings
Other Settings: 
Key populations i.e MSM,WSW, Street and Orphanages children

Registry Questionnaire

What is your highest academic degree?: 
In what area or discipline?: 
Advisory and Technical Committee Board member
Professional Organisations: 
Tanzania Network Against Alcohol Abuse (TAAnet) as a National Chairperson

Collaboration History

I have had international collaboration in the past but not currently.

A partner from my country initiated the collaboration.

Women Torch

Women Torch envisions a completely transformed society looking upon women as equal partners in all aspects of socio-economic life, whereby women prosperity shall no longer be a unique story of surprise and astonishment. Their mission is to empower women to stand on their feet through capacity building, sensitization, increasing awareness and establishing of mechanisms to deal with issues like political representation, healthcare and HIV/AIDS, Combating of gender-Based Violence, promoting human rights, and access to education and productive resources.