Family Training Available Online

Parents often feel that they do not have much influence on their teens. Truth is they do have a say in their kid's life. And actually quite a big one. More than 80% of teens view their parents as one of the most important influences in their lives. And when it comes to alcohol and drug use, parents play a crucial role in their children's decisions. For example, teens are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs when their friends tell them about the risks associated with these substances rather than their parents. Therefore, it's important for parents to learn about the risks of substance abuse and the effects of drugs on the teen brain. Over the past decades brain imaging studies have provided ground-breaking insights into how teenagers make critical and life influencing decisions, including their decisions about drug use. Brain scan studies have shown that the brain continues to develop through adolescence and into young adulthood. Learning about the effects of alcohol and drugs on the teenage brain as well as helping young people prevent or change dangerous behaviour is part of the Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training Intervention (CRAFT).

This intervention method was developed to equip parents with the tools to effectively communicate with their children, develop methods of behaviour management and understand when treatment is necessary. This Course is now available online to parents around the world. The course covers five modules and includes a variety of interactive exercises, such as role plays and videos.