Minimum Pricing, Harm Reduction and Rackling Irresponsible Consumption

Wednesday, 16th September 2015

Planned sessions will examine the latest thinking on how to reduce harmful consumption of alcohol including advertising strategies as well as potential benefits of minimum pricing and unit reduction. Delegates will also focus on the implications problem drinking is having on public order and town centres as well as effective approaches towards reducing anti-social behaviour such as collaboration between all parties involved or restriction of sales.

Discussion will consider how best to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of alcohol dependency, including how effective current NHS methods are as well as the challenges facing the effective commissioning of specialist care.

Key Points include:

  • Alcohol and Public Health: the next steps for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Public Order: forward thinking on licensing and promoting collaboration between local councils, the hospitality industry and the police force.
  • Reducing Consumption: the impact of minimum pricing, unit reduction and marketing.

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