Evaluate your program! Here’s a toolkit that can help

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Evaluate your program! Here’s a toolkit that can help

The Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health has developed a program evaluation toolkit. In it, you will find tools, resources strategies and best practices for planning, doing and using your program evaluation.

The program evaluation toolkit can help you overcome the common evaluation stumbling, determine the effectiveness of your substance abuse prevention program and identify areas where you can improve it:

Planning evaluation:
- Define your evaluation project in terms of goals and objectives
- Conduct an initial scan of the literature
- Determine any potential barriers and possible solutions
- Identify potential data sources and collection techniques
- Identify indicators for performance measurements

Doing evaluation:
- Identify best practices relating to the delivery of your program
- Conduct interviews, focus groups and observations
- Analyze and summarize the information collected
- Write a report and obtain feedback from stakeholders

Using evaluation:
- Develop an action plan to make use of your findings
- Implement best practices for sharing results of your evaluation process
- Distribute findings and discuss evaluation results with program stakeholders

This toolkit is also accompanied by some online modules and recorded webinars on evaluation. The supplemental materials can be found here.

• How do you know your program is effective?
• Do you currently evaluate it?
• If so, would you share the results of your evaluation with Prevention Hub Canada?
• If not, could this toolkit help you?

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