New resource for parents: Infographic to help your teen understand what’s fact and fiction about marijuana

To make healthy choices about cannabis use, young people need accurate information. Unfortunately, their beliefs about this drug are often based on myth not fact. During focus groups that the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) held with youth across Canada, young people told us they believe that cannabis:

• Has more positive than negative effects,
• Is not a drug because it is natural and safe,
• Is not an addictive substance, and
• Has positive effects on health, including treating mental health issues and curing cancer.

CCSA partnered with Parent Action on Drugs to help parents talk with their teens about marijuana. We developed an infographic based on the best available research evidence, as presented in the CCSA report, The Effects of Cannabis Use during Adolescence. This infographic will help parents share accurate information with their teens and help teens think critically about their beliefs related to the effects of cannabis use.

We encourage you to use this infographic in your work with parents and youth. To do so, please complete the copyright request form.