Program delivery

Archways, Inc.

Archways provides several prevention programmes that address risk factors that may be present or protective factors that are inadequately developed. Archways aims to offer these programmes in collaboration with other agencies, churches, and schools to hundreds of young people and adults each year.

Bella Coola Community Support Society. Alcohol and Drug Program

Bella Coola Community Support Society is a non-profit society and a registered charity that offers Alcohol and Drug Programs. Services provided by the Society include:

  • Free of charge, voluntary counselling for children, youth, adults and families who have concerns about their own or someone else’s use of alcohol and drugs; and
  • Prevention programme with the community and the schools to raise awareness of drug and alcohol issues and to explore creative local alternatives to substance misuse.

A-Clinic Foundation

Since its foundation in 1955, the A-Clinic Foundation has been a substance abuse service provider in Finland, with 19 outpatient and inpatient service units, and activities in the areas of prevention, training, research and information provision. The A-Clinic Foundation's mission is to reduce substance misuse related harm. The organisation's areas of action include: counselling, education, prevention, rehabilitation, research, training and drug treatment.

Agora Joven

Agora Joven is an organisation working with children that aims to introduce sport, culture and music to help and strengthen young people in the comunity. They collaborate with organizations sharing the same values. The organisation also works with research to implement the best prevention models for risky behaviour.


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