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Mentor Latvia

Mentor Latvia is a not-for-profit organisation which has been operating since 2010. Its main purpose is to provide emotional support and promote the well-being of young people (aged 15-25) through engaging them in various activities and thus empowering them to make healthy life decisions.

Mentor USA

The Mentor Foundation USA opened its Washington, D.C. office in 2010, with a mission to prevent drug abuse and promote health and well-being among children and youth in the United States.

Mentor Colombia

Mentor Colombia is a non-profit organisation that is committed to designing, developing, implementing and evaluating services and projects for promoting health and preventing drug consumption amongst young people. Mentor Colombia also develops activities for social promotion, advisory and consultancy services on drug demand reduction and related issues.

Mentor UK

Mentor is a UK charity which believes that prevention is better than cure and focuses its efforts on promoting the health and wellbeing of children and young people to reduce the damage that drugs can do to lives. Mentor UK thinks that a lot has been learnt about good prevention over recent years. In fact, the organisation sees that reflected back in the local partnerships, but there is still a long way to go to make a significant difference to those young people at risk of drug and alcohol misuse.

Mentor Sweden

Mentor Sweden is a non-governmental organisation established in 1994 working with a sole focus on health promotion and prevention of drug abuse among children and young people in Sweden. In partnership with Swedish corporations and adult volunteers from the public, Mentor Sweden manages three key programmes: Mentoring, Parenting and Inspirational activities. The activities aim to prevent abuse by building relationships between young people and adults and increasing motivation at school.

Mentor Lithuania

Mentor Lithuania's activities are aimed at children and young people and their caregivers, and institutions (including parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, youth workers, social workers, health professionals). Mentor Lithuania’s goal is to become the authority on undertaking prevention programmes and enhancing the knowledge and understanding of prevention.

Mentor Germany

Mentor Germany initiates and promotes the development, implementation and dissemination of prevention projects for children (6-14 years) and adolescents and young adults (15-25). It aims to meet children and young people as equals and enable them to develop in a healthy way. Mentor Germany sees itself as a mediator and mouthpiece for the interests of children and young people and represents their views to society and politicians.

Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah

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Markengee-SDG Action Campaign
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Program delivery
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I am Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah, Fellow – YALI RLC 2016, a multi award-winning Social Entrepreneur, Member, International Exchange Alumni, Member- IRC Abuja, Nominee, - UN Women Empower Women Global Champion for Change 2016, Public Speaker, Event facilitator and Consultant specializing in Social Entrepreneurship. Mentee, Cherie Blair Foundation. I am a Physiotherapist by profession and I've been running my own businesses for over 6 years. I operate a Sustainable Social Enterprise “Label” that coordinates other NGOs, CBOs, Social Enterprises and Core Limited liability Companies into a sustainable partnership for the implementation of the SDGs in Africa and beyond with the United Nations’ agenda 2030 as well as African Union’ agenda 2063 and I am also the Volunteer Manager; Global online firesidechat which is empowering women from 50 countries of the world weekly on financial literacy I am the Founder of the Markengee Group (Markengee Touchinglives International and Markengee Home for Orphans & Widows). Ijeoma is a member of African Women Enterprenuership Program (AWEP), Nigeria, an alumnus of the Enterprise Development Center (EDC), and one of the Top 100 Women entrepreneurs in the maiden edition of Cherie Blair Foundation’s Road to Growth programme. We empower women through Capacity building workshops. Through our weekly media rally and annual Community Outreach Programmes we have touched the lives of over 300 widows, and we are hoping to empower them with access to collateral free loans to enable them transact their businesses and be independent enough to be the best that they can be in life. I can be reached through the following links- Tweet @Markengeefoundation , Instagram @Markengeefoundation Website – E-mail –


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