Effective Practice

Effective, or ‘best’ practice in prevention has gained momentum as the science of prevention has developed. There is significant evidence now to inform our prevention work, including examples of programmes that have proven to be effective and Quality Standards giving guidelines on what is effective and how to implement it.

This section of the Prevention Hub introduces effective practice and provides further information on the work being done in this field. It is essential to refer to the work done and still being undertaken on Quality Standards in prevention to inform and guide all prevention initiatives.

What is Drug Prevention?

The term “drug prevention” is a short-hand reference to the issue of helping people (often with a focus on young people) avoid drug use. This includes preventing “problematic use” and avoiding the harm that drugs can cause.

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Quality Standards in Drug Prevention

The need for unified standards based upon the evidence has become apparent in the last 10 years and, in response, a few key agencies have developed their own guides to 'quality standards' in drug prevention.

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Examples of Effective Practice

What does effective practice actually look like? Effective practice refers to programmes, projects and other initiatives that have proven to be effective in meeting their intended objectives and outcomes. There are a range of programmes available in the field of drug prevention that have varying degrees of evidence to prove their effectiveness. As there is such a vast array this section points you in the direction of others’ work to provide guides or databases of effective practice.

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Mentor International's Principles of Effective Prevention

These principles represent a set of concepts believed to be important in the development, implementation and long-term sustainability of effective prevention. The 13 principles were primarily identified in 2005 through a consensus process among Mentor International's Scientific Advisory Network.

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