Do prevention programmes from one country work in others?

We have previously discussed difficulties in transferring prevention programmes from development trials to the 'real world' (fidelity of implementation). This article from "Prevention Action" considers whether 'foreign imports' from English-speaking countries can be used successfully elsewhere. Some skeptics argue that only home grown products that apply similar principles are the way forward. Against this, Karol Kumpfer argues that cultural adaptation of evidence-based programmes offers the better route and her American based 'Strengthening Families Program' (SFP) has been implemented in 22 different countries. Mentor too has always been well aware of these issues. For example, the school-based programme 'Unplugged' and the e-learning initiative 'Prevention-Smart Parents' have both been adapted for a diverse range of international settings. Of course an adapted programme may be different from the original in content, format, training and delivery. Kumpfer's team outline a 10-step model for the adaptation process.