National Anti-drugs Agency of Malaysia

As the focal and lead government agency addressing drug problems by means of drug supply and demand reduction, namely by planning and implementing drug prevention, treatment and law enforcement programs and activities.


Elementary, secondary and adult education. Each level has specific prevention programs in place from primary school (grade 5) to secondary school.

Growth Project

GROWTH PROJECT is a registered national, non-governmental, non-profit making organization formally constituted in 2003. The organization is committed to support marginalized women and children/youth including their families in Kenya by enabling them to have access to health and drug abuse elimination, social and economic services, improved livelihoods and environmental conservation.
One of the priority programmes is to help substance abusers overcome their addictions and also address the issue of poverty and hopelessness and other underlying issues that lead to substance abuse.

Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA)

The diffusion of ICTs within the society and economy must achieve a ‘critical mass’ level in terms of coverage, institutional adaptation and ‘learning by doing’ before widespread developmental gains become achievable and observable within the society and economy at large.

Get Connected

Get Connected is the UK's free, confidential helpline for young people under 25 who need help and don't know where to turn. Our service is available 365 days a year and young people can contact us by phone, webchat, email, text message or use our online directory, WebHelp 24/7.When a young person gets in touch, one of our 100 trained Helpline Volunteers helps them explore their issues. They offer emotional support and can let them know about appropriate sources of further specialist help from our database of 10,000 trusted organisations.

Project Oracle Children & Youth Evidence Hub

Project Oracle is London’s first children and youth evidence hub, funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA), the Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime (MOPAC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Project Oracle is improving the chances for children and young people in the capital by promoting quality evidence of what works, supporting services to improve the delivery of youth programmes and informing the funding process.

Agape Alive India

Agape Alive India was created after the founders visited India and saw the need for primary education for the rag-pickers in a poor slum area, and agreed to do something about it on the flight home. Later that year the school opened with 117 children getting basic education for the first time.In India Agape Alive's local partners do all the hard work, taking in orphans, housing discarded women, loving the unloved, the lost and the lonely. We provide some money, some prayer support, a bit of practical advice, and a commitment to enduring support.


ActionAid focuses on putting people in poor countries in control of their own destinies. They stand alongside poor and vulnerable people in over 40 countries, helping them with their fight against hunger and disease, seeking justice and education for women and children, holding companies and governments to account and preparing people to cope with emergencies.

Women Torch

Women Torch envisions a completely transformed society looking upon women as equal partners in all aspects of socio-economic life, whereby women prosperity shall no longer be a unique story of surprise and astonishment. Their mission is to empower women to stand on their feet through capacity building, sensitization, increasing awareness and establishing of mechanisms to deal with issues like political representation, healthcare and HIV/AIDS, Combating of gender-Based Violence, promoting human rights, and access to education and productive resources.

(YODA) Youth Organisation for Drug Action

YODA is a network of organisations and individuals that was set up in 2011 to meet the needs of young people and students who have been disenfranchised when it comes to determining drug policy but are among those most affected by drugs and the drug laws.YODA is part of a growing movement of people speaking out against dogmatic and stigmatizing drug policies. Students and young people have been at the heart of every movement towards ending discrimination and it is essential we work together to build a truly international movement.


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